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I’m currently in final edits of Obscurity, book 2 of the U-District series. Expected publish date is March 2016. I’m super excited to share Selena and Tucker’s story. Check it out…


After suffering unbearable loss, Selena Hawkins has found her way out of the fog and is working toward independence at her San Francisco bookstore. Her controversial new book brings her face-to-face with Tucker Calhoun, who threatens her on so many levels. Deciding to help the famous country singer or suffer the consequences of a lawsuit, she uncovers a deep mystery that puts her life in jeopardy. Can she help Tucker see the deception right in front of him or will he lose everyone he cares about, including her?

When a loved one is abducted, Tucker Calhoun will do whatever it takes to save his family, including avoiding police involvement and going after the author who threatens his ability to meet the ransom demands. Confronting Selena wasn’t meant to bring anyone else into his life, but the more time he spends with her, the more he can’t let her go. He’s devastated when she betrays him by going to her brother, a detective with the Seattle Police Department. Will he push her away and turn to the one person he shouldn’t trust?

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